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Export Financing

WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED provides export financing for AU Metals, Gemstones, Minerals, Crude Oil, Animal and Farm Products, working capital that has been tied up in foreign invoices allowing business to grow overseas. We also increases your trade with large foreign multinationals.

Export finance is part of the trade finance assistance that WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED can provide. We can help you release the cash against foreign debtors, and can provide funding decisions on a more commercial basis. Funding is not dependent on your business performance or even the sector you trade in. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the level of export sales. The MarketInvoice platform is particularly suited to export finance, it allows clients to:

Raise cash against your foreign invoices
Releases cash tied up in export invoices
Grow your business overseas
Increase your trade with large foreign multinational customers
Immediate funding

Corporate Finance

Whatever the size of your company, if you are undergoing change, including rapid growth, acquisition, or restructuring, WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED can help you achieve your goals.

As a leading provider of asset based, cash flow and structured financial solutions for middle market and corporate customers, WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED provides you with thoughtfully devised financing solutions. Our Corporate Finance team combines in-depth financial expertise and a research-based approach to build innovative solutions specific to your company’s industry and lifecycle needs.

When strategic acquisition opportunities arise, you can be ready. Our experience with growth through acquisition enables us to immediately understand your business strategy and carefully plan the timing of your acquisitions so you can grow with confidence. Our solutions are customized to help you meet your financial objectives and enhance your shareholder value. We can engineer highly structured transactions and specific project financing solutions using a mix of financial products like:

• Capital Leases
• Operating Leases
• Refinancing/Capital Loans
• Sale Leaseback Financing
• Cash Flow
• Cross Border Financing
• Facilities Financing
• Balance Sheet Re-Engineering
• Joint Election Lease

International Trade Solutions

International Trade involves the movement of goods and services deriving from a business transaction between a buyer in one country and a seller in another country. WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED provides comprehensive trade solutions to its customers using various payment methods to facilitate cross border trade through its network across Africa and beyond. WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED offers unique Trade solutions, enabling its customers to settle their international trade transactions efficiently and to mitigate payment risks. WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED works closely with clients in reviewing key factors regarding Transaction Processing, Settlement, Financing, Risk Mitigation and Credit Enhancement.

Our Trade products and solutions are designed around two broad areas:

Trade Finance: Customers benefit from adequate, mitigated credit facilities.
Trade Services: Customers experience speedy turnaround and error-free processes.

Asset-Based Financing

Asset-based financing are typically for companies with less-than-perfect credit. Interest rates and fees on these types of financing have fallen in recent years due to intense competition, but generally they are higher than traditional bank financing. As with all commercial financing, rates are negotiable. financier will look at your credit record, how long you’ve been in business and whether your assets are liquid.

Accounts receivable and inventory are common collateral, but any asset might qualify. When you use accounts receivable to secure a financing, you can expect to get about 75 to 80 percent of the face value of your fresh invoices. In general, Asset-based financing is a way for rapidly growing, cash-strapped companies to meet their short-term cash needs. In general, companies can tap their assets to generate cash flow through asset-based loans or through factoring.

The Asset-based financial services industry has burgeoned in recent years, and small businesses have fueled much of its growth. Although a stigma is still associated with using your assets to get cash, this type of financing is becoming more popular.

Commercial Financing

At WEST TRI FINANCE INCORPORATED, we’re changing the game for the leasing industry. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a laser focus on your business goals, we deliver sales aid finance innovations to national manufacturers, vendors, and distributors so they can close more sales, more cost efficiently. Our innovations create programs which deliver sales solutions, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Clients throughout, all value our creative approach, progressive thinking and seamless synergies with their teams. They look to us to achieve enduring results: driving growth in top-line revenue, enhancing sales force productivity, enabling improvements in financial performance, and accelerating bottom-line efficiencies in net income.

Although we serve a significant number of diverse businesses on the forefront of the new industrial revolution, the foundation of our continued success is timeless and unwavering: resolute trust, enduring relationships, and dedicated personal service.

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